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Beware: This post contains me acting like a:

and being self-centered, but this is MY blog, so deal with it, please. See? I just said please, so I can't be too far gone... Yet. Moving on.
As previously stated, I recently had the opportunity to sing a solo, and as also previously stated, I messed up horrifically on said solo. What I didn't tell you was that we are singing "Ain't no mountain" again for the concert coming up next week(?), and another girl, Ta, is singing it here in good ol' AZ. I know I should be content and happy that I got to sing anywhere, let alone at Disneyland, but I died a little bit today when I heard her singing MY solo. I hated "ooing" in the background.
When I found out about the solo, I told myself I was going to steal the stage, and cause a sensation with my singing. Instead, I delivered a pathetic, shaky solo that had huge gaping holes in it. I obviously haven't gotten over it yet, and I beat myself up (mentally) every time I go to choir. You guys have no idea how badly it hurts, and even though I've had success in singing in the talent show and open mic night, I can't help but feel a small sting of sadness whenever the minus track shows up on my iPod screen, and now I have to endure being in the background instead of the spotlight.
That sounds horribly conceited, I know, and that's not my intention. But it seems that every time I perform, someone else steals the show. For once, I wanted to be that person. :^(

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