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Week 1.

Holy cow, guys! I've been married for a full week now! Typing that I realize that it's nothing compared to the grand scheme of things- our marriage is just a baby! We haven't gone through any struggles or hard times yet! So what am I doing celebrating a week (and two days) of marriage?

Well, like all big changes in life, it's brought so many growing experiences, and I feel like I should document them in some capacity. This is my new life, and I love recording the important changes here. So without further ado, I will now write down some things I've learned in my whopping 9 days of marriage.

And so there you have it. My discoveries and feelings of this whole marriage business so far. 

I honestly cannot believe how blessed I am to have married such a great person. We are far from perfect, but we refuse to give up on each other, and I look forward to how much we will have grown a month, and a year, and a decade from now. 

One week down, eternity to go. 


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