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Let's talk wedding photography.

Apparently all I'm going to blog about for the foreseeable future is marriage. (not that I'm complaining, just giving a heads up for all the people out there who think love is gross.)

Let's be real here. One of my favorite things about people getting married- aside from committing your life to the person you love most, of course- is the pictures! I love looking at the pure emotion and love being portrayed in those precious snapshots. It's just so honest and sweet and sincere! I look at wedding pictures more often than I'd care to admit, and now that I have my own.... I think it's safe to say they will be EVERYWHERE. ;^)

Looking through my pictures, I realize just how special certain shots are to me, and how grateful I am that they were taken. I also have a few pictures that I wish were taken, and I will forever kick myself for not making absolutely sure they were taken in some capacity. So, since I am obviously a) a marriage expert, and b) a professional photographer, I will now condense my wisdom into a List Of Pictures I Highly Suggest Taking. Cool?

  1. The first look. 
I'll admit, I was skeptical of this one. I am not a huge fan of cliches, and I kind of feel like taking a first look picture is kind of cliche at this point, because everyone takes them nowadays, it seems. I wasn't planning on taking them at all; in fact, I was planning on having a very private 'first look', with just Tanner and I. No photographers, no weeping family members, nothing. Just the two of us. And while I still think that would have been a good idea, I'm still so glad we took first look photos. Because even though ours will never make it onto Pinterest with how perfect we are, and Buzzfeed will never put us on a list of "most emotional first look photos," the pictures are still so sweet. Please don't have sky-high expectations for your first look though. 
No, no, NO. DON'T force your emotionally charged demands on your man, okay? You want his reaction to be absolutely genuine, and if he doesn't cry, he doesn't cry. I personally wouldn't have really wanted Tanner to cry, because then I would have cried, and our wedding pictures would be all red-eyed and snotty. No thanks. So just remember: your first look pictures might not look like this:

And your husband might not fall to his feet in a dead faint because of how gorgeous you are. That just won't happen. But you will get his honest reaction,

and you will be happier with your first look than you ever thought possible. (look at his smile! Better than anything I could find on Pinterest.)

      2. Posing.

I think posed wedding pictures look so pretty- most of the time. A serious face can really make a picture go from cute to downright classy really quickly. In my head, I always pictured a good amount of serious pictures, because as I said, they're just so darn classy! But eventually I decided that our personalities just didn't quite match what serious pictures portray. Serious pictures have always implied maturity, poise, and... Wisdom? I don't know where I'm going with this, but the point is, it's just not me, and it's not Tanner. We're goofy! We're not all that mature! We just don't exude the serious vibe, and that's okay. I've learned not only to embrace it, but to run with it. It's us, and that's awesome. 

I guess what I'm trying to say here, is that posed pictures look so good, but oftentimes the ones that aren't posed are the ones that are the most genuine. The ones where we are clearly teasing each other or laughing are my favorites, because it's just so US!

      3. Get the details.

You know what I'm talking about, right? Get a close up of the groom's look,
Your bouquet,
Your hairpiece,
And so on and so on. It might not seem like a big deal, but the details are important, too!

      4. Aerial shots. 

You guys. You guys. These pictures are so gorgeous! They are at a flattering angle, they really show off your dress, and they're just so, so pretty. I got the idea from the wedding pictures of one of my friends from high school. They were so gorgeous and original, I knew I needed to get some shots like that. And boy, am I glad I did.

SO PRETTY, right?

      5. Remember what's important (don't focus on the negative)

I've always struggled with my weight. It's been a constant battle for me to see myself as beautiful, especially when I'm physically not where I want to be. And my initial reaction when I saw these pictures was sadness. Did I really look that huge in my dress? Am I really that fat? After obsessing over it for a while, I had a reality check. No, I am not super slender. I do not have a flat, perfect stomach that photographs well. I have somewhat of a double chin. I have a ways to go physically, but you know what? I'm BEAUTIFUL. My dress was lovely, I felt good in it, and above all, I married my best friend. And that's what these pictures are about- the love we share. Not my size, not my arms, none of that. It's about US. Once I got past that, I was able to truly enjoy these pictures. Am I tiny and perfect? No. Far from it. But this body is mine, and I need to love it regardless of my size. Plus, my husband loves it, which is also a bonus. ;^)

      6. Temple pictures.

I haven't gotten these back yet, but I already have some regrets and pointers. The day we got married was a beautiful day- especially for it being the end of May in Arizona. The temperature never even went into the high eighties! It really was the most perfect day to get married. However, the sun was still shining, my dress was made of heavy fabric + wasn't very flowy, and there were small children everywhere. As a result, it felt hot, uncomfortable, and it wasn't the most pleasant of experiences. So we hurried through the pictures and only got group shots. While that's great and all, I HATE that we only got group pictures. I hate it! I wish we had just stuck it out and took our time getting pictures, because we are missing some pictures I really wish I had gotten. We never got pictures with our bridesmaids/groomsmen, we never got pictures with our siblings, we never got pictures with our parents OR grandparents... We missed out on a lot. And I wish more than anything we had gotten those pictures. I didn't even get a picture with my own mother! That is messed. Up. And I'm going to stop talking about it right now before I get all emotional (thank you, PMS!).
In short, make a list of the pictures you need, and give them to the photographer. You won't regret standing in the sun for just a few extra minutes when you can look back and see the family pictures you have.

      7. The most important picture.

I think it's vital that you get a picture of your favorite butt, personally.


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