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Mother's Day

For the first Mother's Day out of the house and away from my Mommy, I also happen to be completely broke and unable to do anything really great for mi madre. So instead, I will write her a letter here. 

Dearest, darlingest Mommy:

Yesterday, as I'm sure you know, I went through the temple for the first time. It was one of the most beautiful, precious experiences I have had thus far, and I will always be grateful for the opportunity I had to go through with you by my side. I know that I wouldn't have made it that far if it wasn't for your example. Throughout my life, you have been there for me, reminding me when I need to be better, and guiding me to a different path. Even if I didn't appreciate it at the time, I can now see how important your advice was at the time. 

I love you SO much! One of the hardest parts about living outside of the house is not hearing your voice or your sweet laugh. Hearing you giggle over something is one of my very favorite sounds. It's impossible to NOT be happy when you're so happy! I love your smile. I love your hugs. I love YOU. And I miss you. 

Mom, our lives are about to change permanently. In just under two weeks I'm going to belong to someone else, and I will be a part of someone else's family. How nuts is that?! (so nuts.) Through it all, you've been able to keep me calm. Heck, through my LIFE you've been able to keep me relatively calm. I have no words for how grateful I am to have someone as steady and level-headed as you. You are the best mother I ever could have asked for, and I hope that some day I can be even half the mother you are. You have raised some seriously top-notch kids, Mama! Thank you so much for being the person you are and for never sacrificing your standards. I would never have come this far without you and your guidance. I love you so so soooooo much!

I hope that even though I'm getting married soon and won't be around as often, we can continue to grow and strengthen our relationship. I'm gonna need a lot of advice once I start having littles! You're going to be the best grandma ever, I know it. 

Again- I love you so very much, Mom. Thank you for loving me as unconditionally as you do. 
Love, me,

Thought I was done, didn't you? Psych! This year, I get to celebrate twice the mothers! So I will write twice the letters. :^)

Dearest Mama Terra,

For almost as long as I've dreamed about my future husband, I've dreamed about (and, quite honestly, worried about) my future in laws. I've worried that either I wouldn't like you, you wouldn't like me, or it would be a mutual dislike between the two of us. But from the moment I met you, back before Tanner and I were even dating, I liked you. And I have grown to love you more than I ever thought possible! You are such a wonderful woman, and you've raised such a wonderful son. 

I know I've said it before, but I am, and forever will be so grateful to you for the boy you've raised. Because of your selfless sacrifice all these years he's the man he is today. He is everything I've ever wanted in a husband, and that is largely because of you! Thank you so, so much. He is one of the most selfless people I've met, and I appreciate it more than you know. 

Thank you for welcoming me into your home time and time again, and for taking care of me so well. You've truly owned up to being a MOTHER in law, because I've felt so safe and welcome around you. I really do feel like one of your daughters, and I am so excited to get to know you in the coming years. Getting to know you has been a blessing. Becoming a part of your family in two short weeks is a dream come true, and I can't say it enough!

I love you so much! You are the best mother in law I could have.




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