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The hard parts.

I've been engaged officially for two weeks now (holy crap, only 2 weeks? I could've sworn it's been longer...), and in those few short weeks I have done a LOT of growing up. These two weeks have held some of the most wonderful, exciting, stressful, and terrifying experiences I've had in my life.

I've always dreamt of how great it would be to get engaged, thinking nothing of the immense amounts of planning that actually has to happen between the "yes" and the "I do". Really, I had no idea how much I would have to do. So many decisions have had to be made that I haven't even considered (what are we drinking at the reception? I have to plan that?!), it makes me very happy that I am only going to be engaged ONCE, because dang. This is stressful stuff. But you know what? I'm marrying the most perfect boy for me, I get to start living my lifelong dream of being a wife come May, and I am gaining some seriously amazing family.

But the learning curves, guys. The learning curves.

In an attempt to calm myself down enough to sleep tonight, I'm just going to do some serious word vomit and then post it for the world to see, because that's my style.

I just needed to get that all out, and I totally don't expect it to make any sense. I'm just dealing with a lot right now. 


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