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"I dyed my hair purple!" And other bedtime stories

FULL DISCLOSURE: this post does not actually contain bedtime stories. So, sorry if your kids now hate me because there are no works like that of Dr. Seuss' genius in this blog post, nor do I bid a goodnight to any celestial bodies orbiting our planet. This post is literally just about my hair. I'm also sorry I suck at blogging. I promise there are some drafts that should be published before the end of the year, but this felt like a more immediate thing, so here it is. Carry on. 

On Tuesday morning of this week, I hopped on my bike, rode to the cosmetology school, and six hours later I emerged with very bright, very purple hair. 

Before you hop all over me with questions, let me clear it up: no, I did not recently break up with anyone (I would have to be in a relationship first for that to happen!), nor did I trip on acid and decide purple would be a good idea. No, I do not have any new, secret piercings, nor do I have plans for an elaborate tattoo sleeve. I'm not on drugs. I don't hate my parents. I'm not struggling with any great tragedies in my life. 
And, no. This wasn't a stupid, impulsive decision that I totally regret. 

You see, I actually take my hair pretty seriously. I have never made impulsive decisions with it before. I always make sure to carefully research and think about what I want to do, and as soon as I have a solid vision for what I want to do, I do it. Having such a careful and deliberate process has never let me down before. I know exactly what I'm going into, and that is especially evident with the latest crazy change I've made. 

I wasn't expecting it to be so dark, however. That part was a nifty lil' surprise that I got to leave with. Originally, I wanted a gorgeous, light lavender like this:
Bold, but very pretty and feminine. Instead, I walked out with this: 

Now, is this at all what I was picturing? Nope. Have I been desperately trying to fade it? You betcha. But you know something else? I've decided to embrace my crazy purple hair. I'm young. I've got my whole life to have normal colored hair! Sure, mutant eggplant isn't exactly what I was going for, but the thing is I am HAPPY with how it turned out. I look good in purple, and purple fades beautifully, so it's really a win-win situation. And this color is out of my control at this point, so I might as well enjoy it while I have it. So I have no reason to feel ashamed of my hair. It's MY hair! I shouldn't have to feel like I need to hide it. I'm not any less of a person just because I chose to color it completely weirdly. This has forced me out of my comfort zone and that is AWESOME. So here's to purple hair. 

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