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A whole month!

Well, you guys, I've officially survived living on my own for more than a month! I haven't really documented too much, so I will now do so. I've come up with a list, so in no particular order, I'll give you the 411 (does anyone say that anymore?).

Ugh these clouds are perfect

Is this not PERFECT? Gosh, I love Arizona.

I am a fan of big, puffy clouds like this one. Cloud for president.

What use are puddles if nobody splashes in them?

Tuna melts. Also, that is not mayonnaise. It's Greek yogurt,

Chicken Alfredo!

Shameless selfie, because I am cute.

Well, I could bore you with more details about my life, but I think that's enough word vomit for one day, yes? Catch you later, peeps!


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