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La primera semana.

Hey, you guys! I did it! I survived one whole week of college!

 I also made it through the week looking at least a little bit attractive, so I'm rewarding myself for my efforts by writing this while I wear boxers and a tank top. L'chaim.

This week has been the week of adjustments. Not to say that last week wasn't, because I was still getting used to living on my own, but this was all new. Coming fresh from high school, I'm not sure what I was expecting. Back in the good ol' days of polos and khakis (just kidding. Those were terrible), at least I had a set schedule, you know? You'd go directly from one class to another with a brief lunch break. Same old, same old, all day every day.

Not so in college!! Sometimes I have four classes a day, some times I have two. And they're all really spaced out, so I have a few hours in between classes (which is fiiiiiine by me). It's just been an interesting adjustment.

The class lengths are also really weird to me. Most of them are only 50 minutes long, and even though that seems ridiculously short coming from Heritage-home of the 90 minute class period- we actually get stuff DONE. I remember all throughout high school thinking public schools were absolutely nuts for having such short classes. How could you possibly get everyone settled? How was work done?

Well, you can do it. Trust me. I've been doing this for like a week, so I'm basically a pro now.
My teachers are all just grand, as well, so that's been nice. Especially my Geology 101 teacher- I will be the first to admit that I absolutely did NOT want to take that class. I mean, rocks? Really? But it hasn't been that bad! My teacher is the happiest, sweetest person, and at one point this week he actually stopped class for a few minutes so we could enjoy the beautiful, stormy weather. He earned MAJOR respect points by doing that. He's definitely my kind of person!

Guys, life is so wonderful right now. I know I've only been here for two weeks, but I have just been so HAPPY all the time! I've been walking around with a goofy smile plastered all over my face almost 24/7. I don't know what it is that makes me so joyful, but I'm perfectly okay with that feeling continuing.

I guess I've just been grateful for the little things. I have a bike that is super comfortable and I LOVE riding it. I don't really mind that I don't have a car. I'm actually grateful for that! I need to stay in shape somehow, right? Biking and walking are where it's at!
The weather has also been to DIE for. It's gorgeous all the time here. Plus it's been cloudy and rainy, so that helps too.

All in all, life is grand. I don't have many friends yet, but I'm okay with that. I'm just enjoying everything out here right now. :^)
Sorry if this post is a little boring. I just felt the need to document.


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