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Salted honey ice cream, aka my conversion story.

I'm pretty sure I am the last person to jump on the salt EVERYTHING! bandwagon.

You know what I mean, guys. Let's see... Salted caramel, salted chocolate, salted Oreos, salted brownies, salted frosting... I'm pretty sure they're going to eventually come out with salted sea salt or something soon. (um... That alliteration was amazing.)
Anyway. My point is, I never really understood what the big deal was. I mean, salt is EVERYWHERE. Our obesity epidemic is a testament to that. So what made salted sweets so special? (again. I am on FIRE with these alliterations) I just didn't understand. I mean, I love salt as much as the next red-blooded American, but why the fuss?

Enter Pinterest.

A few days ago I was innocently scrolling the infinite pages of Pinterest when what to my wondering eyes did behold.... But salted. Honey. Ice. Cream. This caught my eye in a big way: first off, ice cream. Secondly, honey. Two of the things I love! And since it didn't look like difficult, I decided to follow the link.

My life has changed since that fateful day.

I know now that I was wrong. I was wrong to assume that everyone was crazy for loving salted sweets. It's a beautiful cacophony of flavor, and I have been transformed by this experience. Salted honey ice cream is a wonder of engineering. It will change your life forever. It's so delicious and creamy, you won't mind the fact that you are going to make yourself hopelessly fat, because after all, the phrase is "fat AND HAPPY", amirite? And even though you try, you will get it all over your lips, but that's okay! Because guess what? You get to lick it off. And what's more, is it leaves your lips all buttery-ish, and it feels just fine.

The only drawback is that you can't eat too much at one time because a) you WILL feel sick, and b) you don't want to run out of this too quickly.

But seriously. Make this.


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