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Once upon a time, I was in 7th grade.
Then, I went on to 8th grade. I gained a LOT of weight.

In 9th grade, I got a LOT cooler, as evidenced by this sassy picture:

10th grade rolled along, and I started to thin out, and got bangs. I was also rather sexy, and decided it was okay to pose with my sister.

11th Grade not only brought longer hair and shoes that were so hipster they weren't stylish yet, it also brought my lovely sister, Savannah into the mix! She began Heritage that year in the 7th grade.

And now we come to 12 grade. It's been a crazy, crazy ride, senior year.... The face says it all:

Excited, and still not sure what to expect. Who could have known I would begin this year with the longest hair I've ever had and finish it with the shortest hair I've ever had? (random, but interesting to think about)
I'm so grateful for these years, and I'm glad I have the opportunity to look back at these pictures, even if they bring back memories of awkward times. It's kinda cool to see them in a timeline, no? Props to my mama for thinking to take these!

Sigh... Don't you love #transformationTuesdays? :^)


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