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The last Monday

First off, that sounded like a Nicholas Sparks novel. I didn't mean it, I promise! Honest mistake.
Secondly, I feel like I should document each day of the rest of this week because, you know, my whole life is changing in three days. So naturally, the thing to do is write about your feelings, cuz that is important. The last time I did any sort of countdown to something school related was when I was waiting for 7th grade to begin! How bizarre is that? I don't think 12 year old me ever thought about graduating.... And yet here I am! Ready to go out and graduate, and attend the single's ward, and just... Grow up.

Yesterday, my friend McKenzie and I were driving and naturally talking about graduation when something hit me: I have absolutely no choice in this matter. I mean, if I wanted to be held back, I could probably do that, but I have to graduate at some point. It has to happen. And you know what?
It's scary. It's terrifying. But everyone has to go through it at some point, and it's my turn. Yes, I still feel too young for it, but I also think I'm ready... To some extent. If not now, when? I keep telling myself. I don't want to leave Heritage, but I also know I will go completely mental if I stay. I don't want to lose my friends, that's the problem. I love them.
There are some friends I will be okay with growing distant with- not to say I don't love them, of course, but I know we'll go our separate ways, and our lives will be wonderful, and it will be okay. I've accepted that. However, there are certain people (read: one person) I don't think I can live without. And maybe that's just my overly dramatic, teenager hormones speaking, but I am absolutely terrified about losing that certain person. That's why I don't want to leave.

Enough angsty, whiny rubbish. Here's some news!

I found out today that I earned a scholarship from the Drama department at EA! Score!!

I also found out I missed the deadline for another scholarship. Boo! But at least I earned one scholarship, right? Find joy in all things. And don't worry- I am completely satisfied with just that one scholarship. I couldn't be more grateful.

Tomorrow I'll treat you all to some pictures!


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