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Well.... It finally happened. After six years of attending Heritage Academy, I walked across the stage at last and received my diploma cover. Still waiting on the actual diploma. (thanks, Heritage)
Guys, I've been a wreck this week. Flipping from feeling like: "yesss finally no more polos no more math class no more uniforms no more underclassmen no more being in high school BRING IT ON" to feeling like: "Oh no.... No, I can't be graduating. I'm too young for this! I don't know how to be an adult! I don't know how to live without my friends! Help! Keep me close, please! I'm too scared! I love Heritage!"

And the mood swings... Oh, the mood swings. I've been in a full-on hormonal pregnant lady emotional state for the past three days. (no offense, raging pregnant ladies. Kisses!) For example, on Wednesday, right before Seminary graduation, I was talking to my mom and little sister about graduation, and was doing fine until I thought about this picture:
Which was taken wayyyyyy back in 8th grade, mind you, and not necessarily a precious picture that changed my life forever, but for some reason as soon as I thought about this picture the reality that I would probably lose contact with these girls & not be super close anymore broke through the foggy feelings and slapped me in the face, and pretty soon I had to excuse myself to my bedroom so I could attempt to pull myself together. So I sat down and bawled for a few minutes in my room, completely disregarding the fact that I had a graduation going on in about half an hour... :P

Seminary graduation was pretty nice, even though I got the wrong diploma at first. I really missed my seminary teacher, though. That was the only part of seminary graduation that stung for me, really. My seminary teacher, Brother Sell, has been an incredible influence on my life. I don't know what I would do without him, and I secretly hope beyond hope he moves to Thatcher to become an Institute teacher.
After seminary graduation, Andrew, Ryan, and I went to WalMart and frolicked about the aisles, being goofy and eventually ending up in a parking lot, dancing around to Queen songs. I love my boys. I'm going to miss them so much it's crazy!

Then Thursday came. The awards ceremony was frightfully dull, save for a few things:
1) I got to sing the National Anthem, a dream of mine since I was a freshman,
2) I finally earned my Drama distinction,
and 3) I had two little performances onstage with my Drama class.
Other than that, it was a total snore. But I got to sit with my best friends, so it was survivable.
oh yeah... Our friend Emma also made us some seriously fab
flower crowns!
Then.... It Came. Graduation night.
I never got a graduation dress or anything, so I wore my favorite shorts and a button up shirt. I wasn't feeling like dressing up, so I didn't! And I do NOT regret that one bit. :^)
All throughout the ceremony, I sat in the back thinking "oh my gosh. Where has the time gone? I'm actually doing this.... Can't I just not graduate & spend more time with my friends? Ughh this is too weird. I'm... Oh, no, I'm WALKING UP TO GET MY DIPLOMA. Is it too late to turn back & run? I... Oh, wow. I did it. I graduated. Heritage is just a memory now. I'm done."
As soon as I sat down, the waterworks started. Maybe it's because I didn't get enough sleep the previous night, maybe I was genuinely this sad about graduating, or maybe my subconscious just REALLY wanted to embarrass me, because I was the only one crying & carrying on like a deranged person. Or, at least it seemed that way to me. If you, the person reading this, became a complete basket case at your graduation, please let me know and we can cry together. #buddies
Anyway, of course since I graduated, I HAD to get a bunch of pictures taken, so I present to you, Graduation Pictures: or, Pictures Of Me Crying On Various People.
CJ! Seriously such a sweet guy. He's always so happy
& he gives great hugs. :^)
 In case you couldn't tell, I took that stupid hat off as SOON as I sat down. That hat looks good on a grand total of nobody.
#wegraduated #finally

ugh I'm going to miss this kid.

This is actually one of my favorite pictures of the night.
Shea, you're wonderful & I can't wait to go to the movies with you! ;^)

 Oh yeah. Here are some pictures of my actual graduation, so you can see just how dumb that hat looks. And, you know, celebrate my graduation and whatnot.

Ah, Draven, I'm going to miss you. Thanks for being such a good
listener and being willing to let me vent when I need to. You're a doll!

My bishop came! I thought that was too awesome.

Me & my "aunt" Shauna. :^)

Julia! I was so happy she came to see me graduate, I started crying

 This picture stings me a little each time. Geneal has been my best friend, my confidante, and the best sister a girl could ask for, and I am leaving her. I have no idea why I'm doing that to myself, but I am. For some reason, this picture is also garnering a lot of "likes" on Facebook, and I guess people just really like my crying face or something. :P
Me and my cute Nana

Oh, Ryan. We're going to have to go on some crazy adventures
this summer. I'm gonna miss him.

My grandpa Roland surprised me and came to my graduation! I
can't tell you how much that meant to me to see him there.
Love him.

Some of my favorite hooligans.

Suzy & I were YCL's together a few years ago, and she was
the only one keeping me sane. I love hanging out with her!

This little dude was such a champ! I kind of took
over his birthday this year, and he didn't seem to
mind one bit! In fact, he was happy to see a real
graduation, so win-win!

This chick. We've been through a LOT together, and I'm so
grateful we've been able to come out on top.

I'm not even going to bother telling you how much I'm going
to miss this boy.

We did it! 

I kind of adore Sarah with all my being. She's
fabulous, and it's been SUCH a treat
knowing her & making stupid jokes
with her.
It's been a trippy few days, that's for sure. It's probably not going to sink in until I'm actually IN my new apartment though, knowing me.
ALSO! Today is my first Sunday in the Single's Ward. Can you believe that?! So weird.


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