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A love letter to my mommy, on this lovely day.

Hi Mom.

It's me, your eldest daughter.
I'm writing in to tell you just how much I appreciate everything you do for me every time a school dance rolls around (I mean, I appreciate what you do every day, but I figured I'd make it specific).
We've been doing this for two years now, and it's all about to end! Can you believe it? You've been there for every. Single. One. That's eleven dances in two years!
(missing one Sadies and Senior Prom, but you get the gist.)
I'm incredibly needy and selfish. I haven't really noticed how insufferable I can get during the days and weeks leading up to a school dance, but I'm sure I've been burdensome. And have you ever complained? No! You've been the most patient, loving, giving example I could have. I hope I can be even half as amazing when my own daughters go to their school dances!
Throughout each experience, you've been there. You've helped me plan, prepare, ask, answer, pick out a dress, and help me with my hair. You have no idea how much I appreciate this! You've kept me from going insane, and even if I've gotten a little snippy at you, you've been so, so wonderful despite my outbursts. 
Something I LOVE about you is how excited you've gotten for me for every dance. I remember jumping around in the kitchen with you, holding hands and screaming. Gosh, that was fun. I remember when we made a frantic dash to WalMart in order to help me ask someone to a dance within the next 20 minutes. And you've been there for me when things didn't turn out so great. You've supported me, let me cry it out, and helped me when my dresses needed alterations. Did you ever hesitate? Nope! You're remarkable, Mom. I really don't know what I would do without you. I don't have words enough to tell you how much I LOVE YOU! You're just.... Golly, you're the best. :^)
Can't wait for this weekend! Thank you for being my best friend. 



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