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Never text in bed- a cautionary tale.


Moths are attracted to light. That is a true fact that has been proven time and time again. It is indisputable.
Just a little background for the story I am about to tell you.

Due to the lovely weather today, our door was open for the majority of the day; including, I'm assuming, a little bit of the evening. Prime opportunity for a sneaky little moth to make its way into my lovely house. 

I had just returned  home from work and was chatting with my mother in the kitchen when we noticed a healthy-sized moth flittering about upon the ceiling. We didn't really think much of it, and soon the moth was forgotten. 

After eating dinner and perusing Pinterest for a bit, I headed to bed. I turned the lights off, snuggled into the covers, and continued my text conversation with my good friend Sarah. 

All was well and good. Until.

Until that powdery little devil named Moth decided to make his presence known. 

I suppose dear old Mothy was extremely attracted to the light emanating from my cellular device, because before I knew it, he had found a comfortable place to rest and observe the light. 




These gifs accurately display the compromising emotional state I was in at that precise moment. 

Quickly, like a ninja/jungle cat, I leapt out of my bed, across the room, and out into the hallway whilst shrieking and flailing my hands about like a madwoman. Mothy flew out of my mouth and (hopefully) out of my room as I tried to explain amidst a fit of nervous giggles what had happened. Apparently my shrieking had startled my father, the only other person awake in the house. 

So that is my story. Never text in bed. Also, never let strange moths into your bedroom. You're better than that.



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