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Selfie Wars- a story told in screenshots.

Once upon a time, I was on Twitter. And what to my wondering eyes did behold...
My darling sister Geneal, getting all judgey about selfies. I knew I had to retaliate somehow.

With that statement, I knew it was war.
Geneal came back swinging with this sassy selfie:
Oh, I brought it.
Geneal's swift reply to that came as a serious blow:
Geneal's undeniable fabulosity was not to be trifled with; however, I came right around with the fiery strength of a thousand Throwback Thursdays with this little gem:
How could Geneal compete?
Ohhh, Geneal was playing dirty. She was bringing my mother into this mess? That was the last straw. The gloves were coming off.
Not to be outdone, I simply got into contact with a pal of mine. Good ol' Photoshop Benedict Cumberbatch. With this selfie, I knew the battle had been won. I knew the odds were in my favor.
Sure enough, I had her. She was a technological goner after that last effort on my part. I had won, fair and square, and the only thing left to do now was taunt her with my victory.

And thus concludes our selfie war.
Until next time, I am, affectionately,

~Haeley (the selfie queen)


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