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Meet my new boyfriend! ....jeans

Happy spring, everybody! I hope the increasing temperatures aren't torturing you all too much just yet. :^) I have something to share with all of you....
I did a (successful) refashion!
Recently, I've become really interested in fashion and clothing, and have been looking for ways to keep my clothes current, while at the same time being affordable. That's really important to me, especially since I'll be a poor college student in five short months! ;^)
Anyway, I've really been wanting some boyfriend jeans, but have been hesitant about getting some because a) I'm shorter than the average model, and b) not quite as skinny as the average model. So while the pretty, tall, skinny girls looked amazing in boyfriend jeans, I was less sure about how I would look.
Nevertheless, I was determined to try it out. So I did some light research (ie would a short, curvacious, bodacious babe like me even look any good in bf jeans?), and perused Old Navy for some nice pairs. Unfortunately, they were a liiiiiiiitle too pricey for my taste, so I kept looking. Maybe I could go to Goodwill?

But then the fashion angels smiled down upon me and presented me with this tutorial! I could MAKE my own boyfriend jeans!!

Immediately I set about to find a good pair of pants I could rip up, and I found the most perfect pair ever!

These pants are a good idea in theory, but they looked absolutely TERRIBLE on me. Plus, I had never gotten around to actually hemming them, so they just sagged and bagged and made me look like an elephant. These were horrible as full-length pants, but they had potential.
Plus.... They were from a clothing exchange, so I got them for free, which was a big perk. I didn't have to feel guilty about ripping these babies up! And if they got ruined, or still looked gross on me, I could throw them away without so much as a backward glance.
First order of business, I cut the cuffs off.
After that, I ripped some holes over the knees, except I really ripped them. As in, it broke off into weird strips of fabric. It was serious. So I didn't take any pictures of those, because I got mad and furiously stitched them back together. I actually was wearing them while I was stitching, and I was sitting on a stool in my bathroom, so I'm sure I was a sight to see. The finished product wasn't too shabby!They look fine, with an added touch of Frankenstein-esque flair (cuz what screams "spring" louder than Frankenstein pants? Nothing, that's what.)
After that, it was time for some additional rips and holes to pull the whole look together- and for the record, if you hate ripped and distressed denim, sorry. Deal with it. :P
You're supposed to use sandpaper blocks to distress the holes, but I couldn't find any in our garage and was too lazy to bother looking, so I just got a nail file and filed those puppies until they were frayed and fabulous. (I also stitched up a hole on the booty, but you don't get to see pictures of that, because awkward!)
Then came the moment of truth. I tried them on, gritted my teeth, and.... Dang, I looked good! It's amazing what a little snipping and ripping can do for a pair of tired old pants. I really feel good about wearing them now!

These pants are also really good if you decide to do wall sits.
What's awesome about boyfriend jeans is that, although they are a looser, distressed fit, you can easily dress them up or down! I paired mine with purple wedges (that got cut out of the picture cuz of funky angles), a skinny white belt, and my striped shirt. It's a classic, cute look for spring, and I can't wait to wear it out and about!



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