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Happy Pie Day!!

I'm not one to care about weird days like Pi Day, but this year was different. I desired a pie, and not just any pie, but a chocolate one.
That I could eat. (meaning sugar free. Duh.)
So I headed over to my favorite dessert website, Chocolate Covered Katie in search of a suitable option to satiate my dire need for chocolate, and I stumbled upon this beauty: Mint Chocolate Fudge Pie.
Oh my lanta, you guys. I found it.
So after running a ton of errands, I set about in search of the necessary ingredients, and ended up going to two stores (thanks a lot for not having tofu, WalMart. Thanks.), but in the end, I think it was worth it. I mean, I would get pie out of this endeavor, so that makes it okay.

There's a tricky bit to this story, however. You see, we recently discovered mold in our kitchen, so to keep our house from being eaten alive by little green things, we've had to completely gut our kitchen. I mean completely.
This is our living room, covered in kitchen. Savannah & I really enjoy
fighting our way through boxes in order to eat breakfast.


So as you can see, making a pie was going to be an adventure, indeed. No counter, no stovetop, no nothing. So where did I go about making this culinary masterpiece, you may ask? Why, the only logical place to go under such circumstances!

The garage.

We've made the garage into a makeshift kitchen of sorts for the time being, with a small table supporting various appliances such as the waffle iron and the griddle. I moved the blender & the wok down (if you want to frustrate yourself, try melting a package of chocolate chips in a wok. Ughhhh), and set to work making my pie. I made sure to blend it really well, because I reeeeally didn't want to have to deal with a tofu-y texture, plus I hoped maybe blending really well would get rid of the smell. Cuz honestly, the tofu was throwing smells at me that reminded me of a dissection. DEFINITELY not something I want to envision as I'm tucking into a pie.
mmm, Haeley, this pie is delicious! Did you use essence of formalin? It tastes just like that eyeball we dissected in class last month!
Sorry for that mental image, but I really needed to communicate my distress to you. I was seriously worrying about not being able to eat my own pie due to vivid imaginings of unsavory pie mix-ins, when I remembered I forgot to put honey & mint in the pie! Two essential ingredients!
I hastily blended them in, and to my delight, the peppermint rid the pie of any otherwise questionable odors. (BLESS YOU, DOTERRA. BLESS YOU.)
I popped the pie into the freezer, & began the waiting game. Every 5 minutes one of my siblings would inquire as to whether the pie was ready or not, and every 5 minutes my patience was chipped away just a little bit more. But a watched pot never boils, nor does a watched pie ever chill, so we sat down to an episode of Avatar and ate some chicken pot pie for dinner.

Soon, the time came, and I snuck the pie out of the freezer, and to my intense delight, it was done!

I tried a bite and... Oh, gosh....
People. This pie is wondrous.
It's so chocolatey, and smooth, and minty, and.... And.... Wow.
If ever there was a man-catching pie, this would be it. Just my humble opinion. I mean, I haven't tried catching any men with it, but I'm sure Charlotte would approve.

This is something I am, without a doubt, making again. 

Oh! Oh! Bonus!! Since I blended it so much, the texture was sooooooooo smooth and creamy. I definitely recommend blending it thoroughly, if you want a silky texture with no tofu-ishness. And I added about 4 drops of peppermint essential oil, and that was perfecto. I know the recipe calls for peppermint essence or whatever, but oil totally works.
Yeah, I'm a doTERRA geek. Deal with it. 

In short, if you ever need a wonderful pie, look no further! I have found it!
(ps- if you want to see pictures of my pie, check out my Instagram! I finally have one!)


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