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Food adventure #5: Indian Oven

All day today, I have fantasized about having some delightful foreign cuisine. Preferably Thai, but I was also open to Chinese. As long as it was from across the world, I was okay.
The rest of the day continued in like fashion, with me dreaming of Asian foods even as I gently plowed through an entire pint of chocolate ice cream in one sitting (actually, that's a lie. I ate like, a sixth of it last night at the park. So, no guilt.), until my dear old dad showed up at home and proposed a proposal that charmed me to the core: we would attend his PTO meeting, and after that we would go to Nunthaporn's.

Lest you think that is some horrible, horrible club, it's not. It's a little Thai place on Main street that is so. Good. Despite the unfortunate choice of name, it's worth it.

After about half an hour, we remembered: It's spring break! And that means no PTO meeting! Yay! So we could skip the dull meeting and just go straight to dinner- my kind of evening, folks. My kind of evening.

With this new development in mind, we had another thought: what if we scrapped the Thai idea and got something really exotic.... Like Indian food. 
Oh ho ho, zees ees something new! (say that last sentence in a goofy French accent. It makes more sense that way.) Although I was a little skeptical, I decided to go for it. Because a) food, and b) I could TOTALLY count this as a food adventure worthy of the blog.
Isn't that thoughtful of me?

So off we went to Indian Oven (or is it India Oven? I can't remember)!
Little did I know, I was in for an adventure.
India(n) Oven is a little buffet, so you get to see everything and eat it all right away- a major plus. I applaud you, Indian Oven. This is what I got:
Beautiful, ain't it? Clockwise from the top: um, rice stuff, lamb, blended green stuff, something something paneer, chicken something, and chicken tikka masala.
That is some preeeeeetty good crap, right there. Indeed. In addition to the readily available buffet, they also brought out baskets of naan.
it's in the shape of a smile, because that's what you do
when you eat it.
The naan was really good as well. It kind of tastes like a bread stick, only lighter and, well, flat. Also, as I was eating the bread, I thought to myself, "if they poisoned this bread, it would be naan-toxic! Hahahahahahahaha lolololololol hehehehehehehehe ho ho ho"

But let's get back to the main dish.
The chicken was all really good, the scary-looking green stuff was pretty darn tasty, and the paneer? Oh, mama. Paneer is amazing stuff. It's a kind of Indian cheese, with a kind of bread-y flavor goin' on. The sauce they put it in was perfection, and it was my favorite dish by far. I even got seconds and seriously entertained the idea of thirds, but alas, I got lost in the naan.
The dish I was most afraid of was the lamb, honestly. I've never had lamb! How was I supposed to know what it tasted like? With fear in my heart and a slight grimace on my face, I tried the lamb. It was.... Surprisingly good, actually! Almost sweet. The word that kept coming to mind was floral, but I don't  know if that even makes sense. Maybe if it was lamb-wine or something (which I really hope is not a thing, because ew).

At any rate, it was divine, and I'm just really happy right now. You know when you eat a good amount of something and your stomach is pretty full, but not to the point of discomfort? It's just a happy little bulge, reminding you that DANG life is good. That's how I feel right now. Perfectly content, except I had my laptop resting on my stomach at an odd angle for the majority of this post, and now it's a little irritated with me. But whatever. #noregrets

And at least I haven't done this to myself.... In a while.
Until next time, fellow foodies,



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