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Valentine's song of the year!

Happy Valentine's day, everyone! Hate on it all you want, but Valentine's day is and always will be my favorite holiday. The hopeless romantic in me just brightens right up around this time of year, and even though I've only ever had one particularly lovely Valentine's day, the prospect of having a Valentine each year makes me happy.
I just love love, I guess. Knowing that such a force exists in the world is magical to me. It binds people together time and time again, and it really is beautiful. No matter how many times the word is used, love is my favorite word. It's so simple, but it means so much to pretty much everybody. It's "the biggest little word ever said", after all.
But I digress. I'm not going to preach about love again today; rather I'm going to start a new tradition on my blog! And since it's only once a year, I'm pretty sure I'll be able to keep it up. ;^)
I'm going to do a Valentine's song of the year! Inspired by this post, I fell in love with the idea, and since I already have a love song I've been obsessed with as of late, I figured this would be the perfect opportunity to share it!
The song of the year is Bright Eyes' "First Day Of My Life". It's a really simple, laid back love song that I just cannot get enough of these days! The message is sweet and timeless and classic.

I can't pick a favorite line from the song, because they're all so tender. It may take some getting used to, because his voice isn't exactly, how you say.... Pretty. It's shaky and not very strong, but I think it lends a kind of sincere vulnerability to the song. It sounds less like an autotuned One Direction ballad and more like a song sung quietly to the one you love as you sit in front of a fire, or maybe a song you sing to help them fall asleep. Either way, it's just the perfect song, and to be honest, I kinda want it in my wedding video. Ha.

I guess we'll see on that one. ;^)

The last part where the boy points to his lady and says "I love her!" just kills me every time. Melting on the floor right now.

Until next year, my darlings!


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