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Sneak peek of my senior pictures!

Yesterday I was lucky enough to be able to be a senior rep for a photographer, Emily Bridgman! She was super friendly, funny, and cute, but most of all, she let me be, well, ME! I loved how she was able to really capture my personality (and made me look pretty darn good while doing so!), and she's let me "leak" a few shots for the general public to enjoy! :^)

I felt totally comfortable with her the whole time, and by the look of these, the shoot turned out WONDERFULLY! I'm so excited to see the rest, but for now, these are here to tide ya over. ;^)

ALSO: Seniors, if you are in the market for a good photographer, you should seriously consider Emily. She'll be able to do sessions until around the end of March/beginning of April because she's expecting a sweet little baby right about that time! And anyway, it's better to do it now rather than later, because that way you can make graduation announcements! Who wants to do THAT mess last minute? Nooooot me. I'll link up her info at the bottom of this post for your convenience. :^)
(ps- if you mention my name when setting up your shoot, you get $25 off your session! Isn't that nifty?!)


Emily's Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/EmilyBridgmanPhotography
Emily's website/blog: http://www.emilybridgmanphotography.com/


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