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One more time...

I swear, I've written a variation of this post THREE times in the past three days. I've really been trying, you guys. I promise. I suppose I just needed to get a feel for having a pixie before I wrote about it, you know? But this time. THIS time, I will actually finish what I started.

So let's go to the beginning! On Thursday, I was finally able to do what I'd been wanting to do for months, and I got a pixie. Believe you me that this was not an impulsive decision, and I don't say that just because it took me months to finally do it. No, I say it because I researched the crap out of pixies. My Pinterest board is a testament to that. If there was anything on the internet about a pixie cut, you can be assured I read it. I read some discouraging posts, and some really, really awesome ones (here, and here, and here, oh! and here.).

Over all, I decided that in the end it was MY HAIR, and my business, so if anyone hated it- that was their problem. And if I never attracted another male again? Also their problem. (and kind of mine, too. I WOULD like to get married someday...)

Thursday came, and this:
Turned into this:
Which then morphed into:

And finally....

And then, for added measure, I colored it.
It's just a shade darker, and with some added red, but I really think it pulled it all together.
It's funny... I've come to realize that you should really just focus on what YOU want, and not what people THINK you should want. I guess I've already said it dozens of times, but it's so true! It's YOUR hair! Do what YOU feel is best. (which is totally hypocritical of me, because I know there are some people and I've basically begged them not to cut their hair. I'm a work in progress, okay?)
Case in point: a week or two ago, my mom, sister Geneal and I went to a salon to get our hair done as a birthday present, and while I was getting mine straightened (because it was literally so long it wasn't holding a curl), my stylist said I had such pretty hair I shouldn't cut it.
"Or," she added, "if you do, do NOT get it cut up past your collarbone. It just wouldn't look good with your face."
....Um, thank you? I really appreciate hearing that my face would look awful with short hair. To be honest, this haircut has done nothing but GOOD for my face. It shows off my features, and you know what? I've got some nice cheekbones. Cheekbones that were hidden behind mammoth curtains of sad hair, and now they're out for the world to see!

Also, when I got my hair cut, my stylist said I shouldn't color my hair. Truth be told, I already had an appointment set up that afternoon for it to be darkened. I don't like my hair short and with it's natural color, so again, I just had to go off what I wanted, and not what anyone said. And once again, it turned out beautifully!

Getting a pixie was the best thing I've done for myself in a loooooong time. I finally feel like MYSELF. It's weird, but looking back, I can see that long hair just isn't "me". I was hiding in it. I was trying to please the masses (read: boys), and in that, I kind of lost myself. Sound dramatic? I know. But really- I never DID anything with long hair, it just... sat there. As Tracy Turnblad said, "hair can't just hang there like a dead thing on your cheeks!"
Well, mine certainly did. And that fact quite honestly grosses. Me. Out. I held my ponytail yesterday and had to put it down because I was getting disgusted. For some reason, as soon as hair isn't on my body anymore, it immediately turns into something yucky and alien. Anybody else have that problem? I don't understand it, but at any rate, I don't have to deal with it anymore!

All in all, I am finally happy with my hair, and I think I'll be happy for a very long amount of time. I really don't care about impressing anyone with it anymore, especially boys. For the record, I've actually gotten more attention from guys in the THREE days I've had a pixie than I've gotten in weeks. Boys don't like short hair, eh? I don't believe that for one second. They just haven't seen the right girl in short hair! ;^)


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