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Food adventure #3 & 4: Seaweed snacks and a sugar cookie milkshake!

Wow, you guys! Two birds with one mouth stone!
I am really getting the hang of this whole "adventurous eating"  thing, dontcha think? I tried not one, but TWO new foods, AND I even found a new recipe in a newspaper! I'll try that one someday, because it sounded WONDERFUL. I'll also put up the recipe when all is said and done. And tasted.

The first thing I decided to try was:
My mom got these little beauts from Sprouts, and I figured, what the heck? Why not try it out. Here's the reaction:
It was almost palatable. It had an interesting flavor, kind of like the smell of a fish hatchery mixed with mustard dipping sauce. My tastebuds didn't actually know what to make of that one.
Also, the taste lasted longer than I would have liked, which was a turn-off. Better luck next time, seaweed.

My next venture was a milkshake.
Originally, I wanted a strawberry milkshake, but upon realizing that I don't actually like strawberries that much, I perused one of my favorite websites, Chocolate Covered Katie. She has some really great recipes, and they are all healthy and (mostly) sugar free! Yessss.
I made her Sugar Cookie Milkshake, because it sounded intriguing, and who doesn't like cookies?

And no, I did not spike the shake. I'm just a creep.
I think I added too much banana, because it was a liiiiittle too fruity for a cookie-flavored shake. However, I haven't actually had a sugar cookie in years, so that may just be me.
I definitely enjoyed the shake more than the seaweed.
Until next time, fellow foodies!



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