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Old Pictures

We just experienced somewhat of a mystery here!  My sisters just found a camera under their bed, and nobody could figure out whose it was, until I popped the memory card into my handy dandy laptop and we eventually figured out that the camera belongs to my Aunt Diane. The real question is.... How did it get here? Aunt Diane has never been to our house, so the mysterious appearance itself is still yet to be solved.

When we looked through the memory card to try to figure it out, we discovered that this camera held nothing but really old pictures of our Grandpa DeWitt. It was really neat to go back and see him go from a young man, to a father, to a grandpa, to a great-grandpa. I really appreciated it because earlier this week marked the 1-year anniversary of his passing, and it was comforting to his smile again. Here are some of my favorite shots:

Grandpa and Grandma:

Young Grandpa:

This is my favorite.
I also found pictures that I had taken!

Even though it was a funny little happenstance, I'm glad we found them. Love and miss you, Grandpa!
Link to last year's post about Grandpa here.


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