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My New Year's Resolution

Okay. I'm kinda tired of constantly making and breaking fitness goals for New Years, and they usually don't work out for other people either (if you have a New Year's success story, I stand corrected.), so I've decided to scrap that idea- horrible, I know. But I have a new one, a resolution I'm almost positive I will ENJOY.
Over the past little while, I have come to the conclusion that I am helplessly in love with food.

 I think about it all the time, I eat it at least three times a day, and the last time I went to the mall, I browsed a couple stores, but I was really excited about the food court. What sights! What smells! What excitement!

Admittedly, I only got one thing, and that was only because my little sister wanted some pretzel bits.
Which, for the record, were DELIGHTFUL. They were plain, unsalted, and sauce-free, so we were free to enjoy the simple pleasure of fat, moist, warm pretzel. Ohhh my.

Off topic, sorry. My point is, I freaking love food!
And my New Year's resolution is as follows:
Just kidding. I'm not about to go eat fried grass soaked in elephant tears or something. I'm simply going to get out there and try food I've never had before, be it a new flavor of Jamba Juice, or that weird-looking hamburger/hot dog thing at Quik Trip, I will eat it! And I will photograph my various adventures in eating, and write about it, so I have a journal of food. That's one way to keep a food diary, right?

The way I see it right now (and this is subject to change), I should enjoy eating. It shouldn't have to be a tasteless torture time whenever I eat lunch. Of course, I will still try my best to be as healthy as can be, but I think it's possible to be healthy and still enjoy eating things that may or may not be completely "good for you". Moderation in all things, and hopefully 2014 won't end with me being a fatty.



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