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Food adventure #1: pumpkin smoothie.

In keeping with my New Years resolution, I have decided to journal about my latest venture with food: the pumpkin smoothie. Sounds dreamy, right?
I was Pinteresting when the urge for pumpkin hit me. I needed it right. Then. But I didn't have the means or patience to make a pie, and I didn't know any other recipes! That's when I decided to surf the wonderful interwebs and find a solution. And that solution came in the form of a pumpkin smoothie!
I assembled the ingredients, blended it, and... Presto! Smoothie time!

The conclusion?
Not too bad... But definitely not my favorite. I was hoping for something a little more pumpkin pie-ish, and this tasted more like bananas and Greek yogurt (two of the ingredients). Which was weird, because I added less than suggested and put MORE pumpkin than was suggested as well! What gives, smoothie?

It smelled delightful, and I only wish it was as wonderful as the smell made it out to be. While it wasn't terrible, I probably won't be making this again anytime soon.
Oh well. What's done is done and cannot be undone. Onwards and upwards!

Stay hungry, friends.



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