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On the first day of Christmas... and the second.... AND the third.... :^)

So I know everyone and their Grandma has been doing the 12 days of Christmas on their blog lately, but I simply HAD to jump on the bandwagon.
No, I'm not being a good person and giving a bunch of stuff away, nor am I spending a bunch of time with my cute husband, although if I was cool enough, I would totally give things away, and if I was married, I would SO be dating my man- especially now it's snuggle season... Ah...
Anyway, I am not doing either of those things. Rather, some sweet, wonderful Secret Santa has been leaving me little gifts every day for the past three days!
I'm pretty positive it's a girl in my Laurels class, but that doesn't really matter, does it? I am loved, and someone cares enough to show me that love. It really is the SWEETEST thing, knowing someone is thinking enough about you to go out of their way to make you feel special, especially during Christmastime, which, wonderful as it is, is rather stressful and crazy. So I thought I'd document these sweet expressions of love right here on the blog. :^)

On the first day of Christmas, my friend gave to me...

Socks!! I love how fuzzy they are, and I really need socks anyway, so... AWESOME. :^D

On the second day of Christmas....
Snowman soup! At first I was kinda sad, because I can't have sugar, but upon closer inspection...
NO SUGAR ADDED!! That's love right there. So grateful!

On the third day of Christmas....
A vanilla candle! I don't know how my secret Santa knows what I love, but they do. Because I LOVE candles and I LOVE vanilla. I am so blessed to have someone who loves me. :^D

More to come!
I realized that I have a LOT to catch up on.... I'll work on that. ;^)


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