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Les Cheeserables

Lately, I've been feeling empty, because I have no cheddar cheese in my house. Why, you ask? Instead of delectable, palatable cheese, we have a wheel of misfortune taking up space within our fridge. It's name is Mennonite Cheese. It tastes like gym sock and the tears of refugees, and my sister Geneal and I are morally opposed to such flavors. So we came up with a plan: we shall have a revolution, and make a musical to go along with it. It will be called Les Cheeserables. Here are some sample lyrics:

Geneal: "Do you hear the people sing? It is the song of hungry men! It is the music of a people who won't eat foul cheese again!"

Me: "At the end of the day you're another day older, and that's all you can say for the life of a cheese."

Geneal: "I ate some cheese in time gone by, when hope was high and life worth living!"

Me: "Lovely cheeses, smell 'em in the fridge, put them in a sandwich if you're a hungry little bloke!"

Geneal: "Look down! Look down! Mennonite cheese will make you cry! Look down! Look down! It smells like something died!"

Me: "A little ball of cheese, can hardly hurt me now..."

Geneal: "White! The color of Swiss cheese. Yellow: the color of cheddar!"

Me: "Have some Muenster, sit yourself down, and eat the best cheese slices in town!"

Geneal: "Eat with me, some cheese with rye!"

Me: "There is a cheeseball in my dreams, I like to eat it in my sleep."

Geneal: "There... Out in the darkness... A wheel of cheese rolling... Fallen from shelving! Fallen from shelves!"

Me: "A mouth full of cheese, no bread, no baguettes."

Geneal: "In my life, there are so many cheeses that somehow taste wrong!"

Geneal: "what is this? what is this? IT'S SHREDDED PARMESAN!'

Me: "A little shredded cheese can hardly hurt me now..."

Geneal: "The cheese has turned so cold! And yet it's going moldy!"

So... We're kind of amazing, nbd.



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