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Hair and the removal thereof.

I have a secret to share with you.
I am a human being, and I have hair.
Lots and lots of hair.

No, I am not referring to the ridiculously long mop atop my head (although that is more hair than I thought I was capable of growing), I am referring to hair in other areas, namely my legs. Recently, in honor of No Shave November, I stopped shaving my legs, and lemme tell ya- best. Month. Ever. I LOVE not having to worry about shaving my legs, because let's be real. It sucks big time. Being pressured to always have smooth, perfect legs starts to wear on me, and every November I am granted a reprieve of my feminine duties bestowed upon me by society. (For the record, society, you're mean.)
I realized a few things about my hair this November, and I think I'll share them with you.
I've realized that I really don't care about shaving my legs. I don't understand why it's such a big deal for us girls to act as though we were born hairless, because everyone knows we weren't. This isn't news, guys. GIRLS HAVE HAIRY LEGS TOO OKAY?
I am so done being ashamed of something that is completely natural and healthy. Does anybody else feel like this weird obsession with removing bodily hair is bogus? Big whoop.
It also frickin' hurts sometimes!

I also discovered that a big factor in girl's insecurities involving bodily hair is the opinions of men. Every time my legs were revealed and my true hairiness was revealed, my dad would grimace and groan. "Eww.... That is NASTY. You are so furry!"
At this stage in the game, I'm no longer bothered by his comments, but the first time I did Movember, it stung. I hated knowing that someone thought a part of my beautiful body was undesirable and ugly, and it hurt even more because that person was so close to me. But now I've come to know that I am not gross. My body is not ugly. My hair is not hideous. Today's society and how we view women is hideous, and gross, and ugly.
Girls, there is nothing wrong with growing hair on your body. I hope you know that. I don't really care anymore. Whoever says your hairy legs are gross is simply misguided. I don't think attractiveness should be measured in the amount of hair on your body. It's so much more than that.
At any rate, I wish we could stop caring so much about what boys think and focus on being happy with who we are. (I know, I could use my own advice, since I want boys to think well of me, and while that's all well and good in healthy doses, I should focus on loving others and myself.)

Not to get all preachy, I've just been mulling it over all month.

Now for the exciting part! Today I ended No Shave November in a big way... Waxing my legs. This was kind of a scary event, as I've never had a large area of my personage waxed, and even though my legs are short, this was still huge. So I was reasonably nervous.
I chose to go to European Wax Center because it was close and seemed like a safe, hygenic place to do so. So I set an appointment and walked right on in- and then discovered something wonderful. Your first appointment included a complimentary eyebrow or underarm or bikini wax! Hot. Dang. So naturally I got a bikini wax too!
Just kidding. THAT is an adventure for another day. I decided to play it safe and get my brows tidied up instead.
Let me just say that that was the BEST brow job I have ever received! The girl was super gentle, and it was practically painless. If you've ever gotten waxing done before, you are basically tortured while you wait for them to rip your hair out. And when they do, it's more painful than you think it's gonna be. So you are left in shock.
But this? This was nice.
Leg waxing... Not so nice.
I mean, it's painful, but not as painful as threading, and it's over relatively quickly. However, there are a few things I was a little disappointed with:
Hopefully the relative hairlessness lasts a while. My hair grows really fast. :P
All in all, it was an interesting experience, and I think I will come back and try again, because I'm all for not having to shave. I just hope my legs don't have a horrible reaction, like my face did right before Prom last year.... Curses of threading. >.<
I'll let you know how it goes.


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