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Alice in Wonderland

I am absolutely serious when I say that I am going to FINISH blogging about 2013 before it ends, and that begins with Alice in Wonderland. I don't know why I haven't gotten around to it yet, but I am doing it now, so here goes.
Despite my diva fits and my ugly hair, the play actually went wonderfully. I think half the fun this time was just hanging out backstage and goofing off with my friends, honestly... Although being a loud, rude brat of a queen was fun too. ;^) We frolicked in the hallway,

Made faces showing the struggles of stage makeup,
Sexy, no?

And we even played around in the dressing room as pregnant ladies!

That was probably my favorite part, running around all round. Goofing off with these girls was wonderful, because I built friendships that I would have missed had I been onstage for the majority of the play.
I almost forgot! On opening night, I got a little present!
 Could this be what I was hoping for?

Can you tell a girl wrote that? :^)
Yes! At long last, I was getting a reply to Winter Formal! That made my night so much more fun, knowing I had a definite yes. :^)

With each performance I'm in, I learn all over again how wonderful it is to have an audience watching your every move. It puts pressure on you to do your best, and I have found that with that pressure, I remember everything more clearly. It was a wonderful experience, and it was AWESOME garnering laughs. I got quite a few, and each one was sooooooo perfect. It's like emotional candy, knowing the audience likes what you're doing.

All in all, it was a great performance, and I'm grateful for the opportunity I had to be the Queen of Hearts. :^)


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