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Winter Formal 2013 part 1: the ask.

Yes, I know Homecoming just barely happened, but when you go to a school as small as mine, a girl's got to ask QUICKLY, otherwise you don't get a real date and this happens. So, pretty much the day after Homecoming, it's open season for us ladies.
Just pretend the 3 animals are girls & you have an accurate
representation of what it's like out there.
 It's pretty cut-throat.
You have to act as fast as humanly possible, because if a guy is even remotely attractive, rest assured he'll be asked within two weeks.
And if the guy is popular.... Well, it gets even MORE crazy.
It is a stampede. A stampede of insane girls, all after one boy.
Like I said, you have to act fast.
A while ago, whilst in the midst of running bread route, my darling Jennika and I stumbled upon an idea of complete and utter genius. We would ask Ben and McKay to Winter Formal and double up! However, seeing as how the two of them are easily THE most well-known boys in school, we would have to ask even quicker than usual! We would simply ask them the day of the Homecoming game (a day before the Homecoming dance), and get 'er done quickly. Here is the illustrated version of our plan:

It. Was. Gold. But as time went by, we discovered that McKay had already been asked more than a week prior (which is totally RIDICULOUS), and then I began hearing about other girls' intense dislike for anyone who asked before Homecoming. I became timid, and worried about social exile, when I heard another thing that decided it once and for all: Ben, my prospective date, absolutely despised the idea of being asked before Homecoming was over. So I scrapped the early bird plan and decided to ask him Saturday, the day after the dance. By this time I was REALLY nervous, because I didn't want him to completely hate me for asking so soon, but it had to be done.
So Saturday morning, I was chilling out, editing my Homecoming pictures, when I got a text message asking me if I'd asked Ben yet. I replied that I would ask in approximately an hour and a half.
She said to hurry, because someone else was fixing to ask him that day too. Soon. I had to JUMP ON IT. So, my heart pumping madly and my hands shaking fiercely, I bolted up the stairs and broke the news to my mom. Instantly, she morphed into Super Mom, because without hesitation, she grabbed her purse, slipped on her shoes, and asked me for his address. This was happening, and it was happening NOW. I told her the address, and we zoomed off to WalMart to grab a poster board and some Hershey's kisses. The whole shopping trip probably lasted about 40 seconds, and we practically ran back to the car. I frantically wrote the words,
I "kiss" the ground you walk on...
Will you go to Winter Formal with me?
I wrote my name on the back, and we sped off towards his house. Once we got there, however, we noticed a man in the yard. Worried that it was him, we awkwardly stayed in the car for a few more moments until I realized it was just his dad. So I timidly got out of the car and asked if Ben was home. He said no, and I scrambled up the front walk to set up my invitation. I placed the poster gingerly in front of the door, and sprinkled Kisses all over the porch. Afterwards, I jumped back in the car and we drove home. Having successfully beaten the other girl to the punch, I breathed a huge sigh of relief. I did it! I actually did it!
So now we wait....
My fingers are crossed.


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