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Inside Jokes

This weekend has been simply wonderful, and it's all been because of the wonderful, funny, beautiful girls I get to spend it with. I'm tellin ya, part of the joy of performing is bonding with my girlies in the dressing room. Many good times are had back there. We've come up with countless inside jokes, and I'm absolutely in love with them.
For instance, we were discussing silly things and I expressed my desire to walk onstage looking pregnant, because my dress looks like a maternity dress. (plus, that would explain my fierce anger. HORMONES!!) Soon, all the girls got into it, and we decided that that must happen. So in the dressing room, we stuffed various objects under our shirts and made ourselves look expectant.
So yesterday morning, I got the bright idea to send a sweet picture to each of them.
So I did.

The picture taking capabilities of my phone are astounding.
"On a scale of one to 9 months, HOW READY ARE YOU FOR TONIGHT??"
I enthused.

"Only about 4 months! :( But I'm growing fast!"
Brittley stated.

"10 months!"
Jennika squealed.

"At the doctor's office in labor!"
Lexi shrieked.

I was exceedingly happy they all replied with pictures of their own, because that was what I was hoping for, but didn't say. That's just how in sync we all are, I suppose. :^D
I love my girls. This weekend has been wonderful, and I'm grateful to have been with them from the conception of this idea to the delivery room of the stage.
Dang, that was deep.


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