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Happy (late) Halloween!

So, I know this is terribly late, but in an effort to document my insanity (and show you some RIDICULOUS pictures of me), I've decided to tell you a magical story of Halloween.

First off, we had pumpkin carving, which was a cheery affair involving pumpkin guts and slimy knives.

It was then that Haeley realized the power of the Lorax... Resided inside her.

Even though we sketched out many different ideas, Lula and I decided against making an elaborate face, settling instead on random shapes. I originally envisioned a lovely, geometric pumpkin full of wonder and grace, but.... I got lazy and quit while I was ahead. It still turned out cool though, right? Ha. Don't answer that.

After that came the ward Trunk-Or-Treat! I decided to go as a mime, and lemme tell ya, that was a HIT. Even though I'm a complete chatterbox, I can make a pretty legit mime. I had people coming up to me the whole night, betting they could make me talk. Guess who won?
That's right. Me.

I call this, "silence of the hams."
I LOVE being a mime, honestly. It is seriously so fun. I really wanted to be a mime at school the next day, but the rule is no face painting, so I had to settle for something a little more.... Age appropriate.

This costume. Oh my. This was probably one of the best ideas I've ever had, to be perfectly frank. It was hilarious watching all the reactions all day! I scared a few people, made a few more do a double-take, and generally enjoyed being a grumpy old hag. This costume was LEAGUES above and beyond any other costume I've ever worn at school- trust me, they've all sucked big time. Big. Time. This one was a triumph, however, and I can't remember the last time it was so fun to frown all day.
All in all.... Good times were had.


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