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A short tale of illness, garlic, and nose breath.

This week is production week for Alice in Wonderland, and as the Queen of Hearts, I cannot exactly afford to lose my voice/get sick. So I've basically been panicking until I took to Facebook with my worries. I got TONS of suggestions, and among them was the suggestion that I purchase a bottle of magical pills called Super Lysine. Apparently, it's good enough to stop the stomach flu!
So it was off to Sprout's to buy the pills!
On the way home, I discovered the ingredients and one of the ingredients was odorless garlic. Well, at least it was odorless, right? That way I wouldn't have to deal with any awkward smell...
Or so I thought.
Have you ever taken a pill (ie fish oil or maybe essential oils) and had it manifest itself later in the form of your breath? It's bizarre how that works, and I'm not sure how it does, but somehow, I suppose it travels up from your belly into your breath- so frustrating, right?
Anyway, I noticed that odorless garlic actually has an odor, and the smell is strong enough to become a component of your breath, which was embarrassing, but not a big deal. All in the name of health, I guess.
Halfway through sacrament meeting, however, I came upon a horrifying realization.
The garlic smell wasn't coming through my breath.
It was coming through my skin. My chest, particularly. I couldn't smell it on my arms or anywhere else, but it was indeed eeking out of the pores on my chest. So I suffered through sacrament meeting feeling like Texas toast, and then told Geneal about my unfortunate state. So she hugged me in order to see if I was insane or not, and sadly, we discovered that yes, I really do have garlic saturating my pores. Savannah even remarked on how she noticed it during the meeting, so I am just feeling very embarrassed right now.
But I heard that this stuff works miracles, and I just want to be better already, so I'll take the risk.



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