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A post in which I justify my celebrity crush on Asa Butterfield.

Asa Butterfield. What an interesting, intriguing name, no? But just who is this mysterious human? You may remember him from the movie Hugo, in which he stars as Hugo himself.

I realize that in this movie, he looks approximately as mature as a 10-year old. I get that, okay? But that is not what began my crush, although his eyes are GORGEOUS. But you already knew I had a weakness for blue eyes. No, what finally sealed the deal with my tender little heartstrings was Ender's Game.
He still doesn't look super old/mature in this movie, and yet, I still began to feel something deep within for the skinny, blue-eyed wonder. I felt guilty and ashamed of these feelings, sure that he was only 12, but upon further investigation (and several Pinterest pins later), I discovered that Asa Butterfield was born April 1, 1997. Suddenly, my heart leapt. This could only mean one thing: THIS MAGNIFICENT CREATURE IS ONLY 16 YEARS OLD, THEREFORE I CAN STILL TOTALLY HAVE A CRUSH ON HIM AND NOT FEEL TOTALLY AWKWARD.Yes, I realize this makes me somewhat of a cougar, but I've come to terms with it and now I can stare unabashedly at his magnanimous blue eyes for hours on end. Okay, maybe not HOURS, but I am happy to be open about it now. To further my justification, I will now compile a list of Reasons Why Asa Butterfield is Attractive and You Should Not Hide Your Feelings Toward Him. 
Reason #1:
He's extremely good at casually staring into your eyes and capturing your heart.
Reason #2:
Reason #3:
He holds babies, and what isn't lovable about that?

 Reason #4:
He looks fantastic in black framed glasses. *heart explodes*
Reason #5:
He can make goofy faces and still look attractive. (Hello, blue eyes!)
Reason #6:
Look at that dark hair and porcelain skin. Swoon.
Reason #7:
Uh.... His smile is fantastic.

Oh, stop it, you.
So..... Yeah. I think he is a beautiful addition to God's green earth, and you should too. Although, if you don't feel the same, more for me! Bweheheheh.


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