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Homecoming pictures!

When getting ready for a dance, it is customary to look as ugly as possible the day of the dance, that way you look and feel your absolute best by the time it rolls around- at least, that's what I do.

Then, after getting the majority of your makeup done, you head over to the salon to get your hair done!

Afterwards, you get home just in time to put on your outfit, get your purse together, and touch up your lipstick. A mini photo shoot is a must!

At last, your (adorable) date shows up, and you get the classic shot in the house:
And then it's off to the park, for some more perfect pictures!!! (you're gonna want to click on them to make them bigger. They are WAY too cute.)

So uh... Yeah, my date is the cutest guy alive. :^)
What a night!!!!
I'll post some more pictures tomorrow, but with Geneal!


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