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Who we are

Lately I've been feeling less-than wonderful in regards to how the world sees me. I wish I was prettier, I wish I was skinnier, I wish I was taller (I really wish I was taller), I wish I was smarter.... The list goes on. And you'd think that maybe I'd be able to get over it, I mean, I've been through this before, many times, right?
Right. But each time the insecurities just keep piling up until I hardly know what to do with myself anymore. Why am I the way I am? Why can't I just be better?
And then tonight, as I was getting out of the shower, wishing I had a different body, I thought about how God sees me, and I imagined what it must be like, to watch over your most precious creation and watch her hate who she is. God gave me this body, and I imagine it hurts him every bit as much as it hurts me when I belittle myself. Some things I can't change. Some things are entirely in my control, and it's not up to anyone else to change them except me. I need to love myself more. I need to see myself the way Heavenly Father sees me, because to him? I am enough. I am wonderful. I can really do anything I set my mind and heart to, and that is a wonderful thing.
Someday, I'll meet a man who makes me feel on top of the world like that. Someday, I'll have someone who completes me and makes me feel like the most beautiful woman in the world, but for now, that's my job. I need to feel beautiful and confident so that someday someone else will see that in me and appreciate all that I've done to get there.
Because feeling beautiful is hard, but it's worth it.
Here's a sweet video that sums it all up:
To the man who made this video: Thank you. I have happy tears. :^)

Just a little reminder. :^)


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