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The next time I feel ugly...

Today, both of my sisters had babysitting jobs with families I've sat for in the past. They both came home with sweet little sayings from the little girls in both families, and they were so sweet, I just had to share.. Plus, you know, the next time I need a little pick-me-up, I've got this little post!

Savannah came from her job this morning and said that she was showing the little girl she was watching some pictures on her iPod. She came to one in front of a temple, where she, Geneal, and two of our cousins were posing. I wasn't with the picture, and apparently the little girl noticed, because she asked Savannah, "Where's your sister with the pretty makeup?" :^)

Geneal came home from her job this evening, and while she was sitting, she asked her little girl questions about Savannah and I, because we've both sat for her. She remembered Savannah, and went on and on about how great and fun she was, but couldn't seem to remember me. Then, she looked at Geneal and asked, "does your sister have red lips sometimes?" Geneal answered yes, and she said, "oh, I remember her! She's so beautiful!" AWWWWW

So.... Yeah. My heart totally melted. I'm glad I look pretty to those two sweet girls. I think they're pretty too. :^)

(in case y'all were curious, I just got home from a football game, and... WE WON!! 40-14 Heroes, and I am super proud of my boys! My voice is in shreds though... Oh well. Worth it!)


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