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The Look.

So, Homecoming is coming (HA! Clever), and the theme is 1940s. YOU DO NOT REALIZE HOW HAPPY THIS MAKES ME. YOU JUST DON'T. I LOVE the 40s, and the fact that we are having a DANCE centered around that particular THEME?!?! Oh my bliss. Anyway, you know that I am a planner, and being the planner I am, I've already got my whole ensemble figured OUT. Pictures? Naturally.
The dress:

The Makeup:

I will probably not do pink eyeshadow, but you get the gist.
The hair:

Probably a variation of either this or the look above.
And we can't forget the accessories!

A fascinator. This is going to happen.
Classic pearl necklace, no?
The shoes:
These are my stand-by, never-fail heels. They'll be perfect!
So... Yeah! Now to get a date......


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