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Anatomically correct

Yesterday, my grandparents came to town, and stopped in for a visit. Naturally, we all convened in the living room to chat, and since there wasn't much room on the couch, I made do and sat on Savannah instead. After a while, I asked her if her legs were asleep yet, and when she pointed out that one of her legs was still alive and well, I decided then and there to help her equalize the pain and sit on her other leg. So, as I adjusted myself, she starts whining, and said:
"Ugh, get off! You're sitting on my... What's the word? It starts with an s.... Oh, yeah! Get off my SCROTUM!!"
Geneal and I immediately began laughing uncontrollably.
"Savannah... You don't have... a scrotum!" I gasped in between fits of giggles.
"Yes, I do! It's in your skeleton! I read it on the skeleton poster in the Latin room at school!"
At this point, I decided I had to prove her wrong, and so in the interest of winning, I urged her into my room where I kept my handy dandy...
As I turned the pages, frantically trying to find a scrotum, Savannah squealed and yelled in disgust as she beheld anatomically correct males displaying their, um... Anatomy.
I finally found a model of the pelvic region, and found what I believe she was TRYING to say, that is, the sacrum.
I pointed it out to her, and she still refused to believe it. She insisted that she had a scrotum, so Geneal and I searched the index for suitable evidence that girls do not, in fact, have scrotums. At last, we found an image that revealed the truth!

...Needless to say, Savannah no longer believes she has a scrotum.

Anatomy for the win!!


(ps... Sorry if all those anatomical terms made you squirm, but that story was too funny not to share!)


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