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A purple pout?

So, a while ago I wrote about my deep and abiding love for all things orange lipstick, and during that period of time, I also became fascinated with another potential lip lover: purple. Yep, I went from wanting an orange oral cavity to a purple pout within days! I've decided I can never have too much lipstick, so I went about in search of a cheap, purple lipstick to satisfy my need. I went to the dollar store and found just the one! It was L.A. Colors in Frozen Berry.

 It was a nice, deep shade or purple, and I decided what the heck? For a dollar? I bought it and tried it on, and much to my dismay, it looked painfully like the year 2002. No way was I doing that! Still, the novelty of having purple lipstick hadn't completely worn off, so I kept the tube.
I patiently waited for inspiration to hit, because usually when I get an idea for a makeup look, it turns out perfectly- which is weird, because my ideas involving clothes almost NEVER look as good as I picture them, but I digress.
This morning, though, inspiration hit with the force of a Mack truck. (or MAC- get it?! Hahahahaha) You see, I get emails from e.l.f. cosmetics, and this time they emailed me and forwarded a little blog post about popular fall trends. Naturally, I clicked on it, and lo and behold! Purple lipstick is IN! Hurray! So after some browsing, I had my look all set: I'd keep a relatively neutral face with only a little blush to add some color to my otherwise porcelain features, barely-there eye makeup (as in, a tiny bit of mascara with SUUUPER light brown liner), and purple lipstick as the main focal point for my look. I decided to stick with a messy sock bun to give the look a casual feel, and paired it with a light yellow button-down shirt and my go-to black lacey pencil skirt to finish it all off. So I went with it, and... I was VERY happy with the results!

It was a lovely, soft purple that really complimented my skin!
The only complaints I would have would be that since it's a dollar store brand, I had to do several coats before it reached opacity, and even then it was spotty, so I would definitely put a light layer of lipliner on under the lipstick itself. In a little while, however, the lipstick "cured", and it looked WAY less spotty. I LOVED it! I will most definitely be doing this look again.



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