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A Twiggy-inspired look

So, I have discovered that I love Twiggy. You know her, right? She was a British model who was crazy-popular in the 1960s, and she was the model who began the whole bone-thin craze that has continued to this day! You might think that would be grounds to hate her, but I just adore her! I like the clothes she models, I like her hair, and most of all, I LOVE her makeup. It makes her eyes look huge and gorgeous, and I just... Yeah.

Yep. Okay, she's adorable. Anyway, today I modeled my look after her, including a cute shift dress and trademark hair- ratted up and straightened. I loved it! Unfortunately, it smudged too much for anyone at church to notice, but my family did, and to my great relief, they loved it! I always get nervous when trying a bolder look, but nine times out of ten it looks just fine! It took a LOT of concentration, and I still haven't perfected it, but as soon as I do, I think it'd be fun to make a tutorial! For now here are some pics:

I was pleasantly surprised at how it made my brown eyes stand out!

So... Yeah! This is a look I'll definitely be trying again. :^) And yes... I know I'm doing nothing but pouting in these, but I was going for the Twiggy look. A model-esque pout! I think next time I try it, I''ll make it look less smoky though. I guess this was a little more modernized, but I'd like it to be more like the original.



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