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Summer of donation

So for some reason I never posted this, but here you go:
Today, (Tuesday, May 28) I did something I've wanted to do for a while now:
I donated blood!
I don't know why I've wanted to do this for so long, but I'm glad to finally have done it. I feel good knowing my blood will go to someone in need. I will save a life by my small, simple donation. I don't know where it's going to go, or who it will help, but I am okay with that! It feels good to have done it anyway.
I didn't go alone, however. Nosiree! Julia and my Daddy tagged along! Well, Dad came because he needed to sign a permission slip. But whatever. He still donated, and that is SO AWESOME. The three of us came together and gave just a little blood, but who knows what it'll be used for? I'm so excited to donate again. I've already set a date for my second donation! I want this to be an ongoing thing. I like the idea of helping people with simple means. I'm healthy. I've got enough blood to spare. Why not give it to someone in need? It was such a fun experience, too! The nurses were really so happy, helpful and nice, and I think the fact that I'm so outgoing really helped. Being an extroverted person really comes in handy sometimes!
Oddly enough, the worst part for me was the preliminary finger pricking. I didn't like that at all! But it was worth it, and it was over quickly.
I liked getting my blood drawn. It was weird, but after they stuck my arm, it wasn't such a big deal. My issue was the size of the needle, because that was frickin' HUGE. Ugh ugh ugh ugh!! I don't even wanna think about it. I loved chatting with the nurses, and they were really so nice. Go donate. They're kind people! I didn't even faint, like I was afraid I would!
I'm so glad Julia and Dad donated with me. It wouldn't have been the same if it was just me, honestly.

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