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So... It has come to this.

I have been spending my days cooped up in our office doing summer school, as of late. Online summer school, and the crazy thing is, it has slowly crept in and stolen my livelihood. I had an online chat with my math teacher on Thursday, I believe, so I got to hear his voice but that was about it. Apparently it made an impact on me, because I dreamed that night that we did a video chat, in which he was surprisingly attractive, and obsessed with doing cartwheels.

You may not think this is too bizarre, but then it just gets better.
This evening, I sat down to do a little more work, and when I clicked on the video link to watch my lesson, I was at first shocked and appalled that the online professor had changed his shirt! In all the other videos, he'd been wearing a navy blue shirt, and now he had the gall to wear MINT GREEN?!?! DID HE NOT REALIZE HE WAS THROWING OFF MY EDUCATIONAL GROOVE?????

After calming down and accepting it, I realized I had just gotten all hot and bothered by a teensy little thing like shirt color. I shrugged it off, and as the video went on, I thought to myself, "man I missed you."

Whoa. I missed my online math teacher? He's not even my teacher, he just makes videos for a textbook company and I watch them as part of my class! He's a RECORDING. And I MISSED HIM.

The fact that I was excited brings me to tears, almost. It's ridiculous.
I guess I'm just... Falling in love with him. I look forward to seeing him every day, I enjoy his weak attempts at humor, and I can't find it in me to tease him, even though these videos are about 8 years old and he isn't today's version of "handsome".
I guess my summer romance this year will be a one-sided affair.

At least I get to spend my days with this hunk:
Professor Edward Burger... Oh yeah, baby.
What a babe.
What. A. Fox.
I sure love my boyfriend!


***UPDATE: I am now following him on Twitter. Ain't you jealous??***

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