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Fine Print.

I consider myself reasonably attractive. Which is good, because I kinda have to live with my face, so I might as well enjoy it, no? On some occasions, others have pointed out my physical attractiveness, and I have tried to accept it graciously. Sometimes, however, I'm at a loss as to what, exactly, I should say in response.

Take today, for example.

It started out like any other Thursday evening... Just kidding. I was returning from frolicking at my good friend Draven's house, and we got to a red light. So I stopped, like the good citizen I am, and paused to look at the scenery, which there wasn't much of, since we were on Horne and Brown. I looked to my left, and I noticed the car next to me had a window, which was rolling down so the passenger could... Hit on me??

"Man, girl... You fine," the passenger said seductively. I sat there, still staring at him through my sunglasses.
Hey, he's talking to YOU, my inner voice said. I snapped out of my bewildered reverie in time for him to say it again.

"Girl... You FINE!" the man enthused. I grinned bemusedly at him, and he responded with a bro nod.

I actually don't know how to classify it, so I'll just call it a bro nod. You know, where they kinda jerk their chin up really quick, so it's just kind of a nod? A bro nod? That's just what I'm going to call it. Bros nod to each other, okay? They do the bro nod.

Anyway, so he does the bro nod, and I still just sat there. I mean, I was in a car at a red light. What else was I supposed to even do? So I said, in the most mature voice I could muster given the circumstances, "Thank you, sir."
 And with that, the light turned green and I sped off, before he could memorize my license plate number or the color of my hair.

I had just been hit on by a somewhat creepy, fully-grown black man. What? I took a moment to take it in, and then I got a case of the nervous giggles. I squeaked out to Draven (who I was dropping off at work, since he works like two minutes away from my house),
"Did you HEAR THAT??!"
"Yeah, you just got majorly hit on!"
I mulled it over the rest of the way home.
A strange black dude thought I was fine. I guess I'm doing something right!



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