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All the good feels.

This semester in Drama we came up with an idea: instead of doing the traditional performance at the end-of-the-year assembly, we would do a showcase and have an evening of scenes and one-act plays. It was a genius idea, so we set about finding scenes and ideas and soon we had an outline of a show. Then rehearsals began and we discovered something: focusing on something this big was very hard, and it got difficult to rehearse everything what with so many people in various scenes.
Things went downhill fast.
We got lazy, unprofessional, and it scared me. How were we supposed to pull this together with such disorganized students? It got to the point where we had to cut several scenes in the interest of preparation. My negative thinking got the best of me and pretty soon I dreaded going to Drama. Why was I in this class if nothing was going to happen? The showcase was going to be canceled, anyway, wasn't it? Totally not worth wasting my time, and the other students agreed.
Then this week rolled around. Mr. Helmbold plainly stated that yes, we were still doing the show. None of us wanted to do it, but we had no choice. I wish I could say we buckled down and worked even harder, but we didn't. If anything, we rehearsed even less. It just wasn't worth it. I even asked my family not to come, and grudgingly relented when, at the last minute, they decided to come anyway.
I got to the auditorium where we sluggishly ran through our final piece, "Check Please". The transitions were rough, people weren't feeling it, and we generally felt sad. I was surprised to think that people actually showed up in the auditorium, especially when we were only going to fail.
We got backstage, where Mr. Helmbold gave us a mini peptalk, and then prayed for us. The prayer was perfectly stated, and I added my own to it. We then split up to get in our places for the performance.
The night was... Incredible. Absolutely incredible. We pulled together like a true team tonight, and we supported each other through and through. The phrase "The show must go on" is so true, and we smiled our way through the little hiccups and bumps in the road, and the show was a fantastic success. I am SO glad Mr. Helmbold didn't give up on us. I am SO glad that I was proven wrong. I am SO glad we didn't cancel this show, because we would have missed out on a unique, wonderful, beautiful experience. Everything was so worth it.
Oftentimes, I think I should give up on acting. I think I should forget about it and focus more on music. But then something like this happens, and I'm reminded why I love the stage. I love it because, for a few moments, I am not myself. I don't need to worry about anything personal, I need to focus on who I am portraying at the moment. I need to be outside myself. And, for some blissful moments, I know the audience is watching me. I know the audience is focusing on me, and what I'm doing, and I love that. Call me vain, if you will, but I love the feeling I get when I have a shining moment onstage where I know people noticed me. It's a beautiful thing! I love the way acting brings people together. I love how it's not an individual thing; it's very involved. A performance is only as strong as it's weakest performer, so the pressure everyone feels to be better is very real and very motivating.
Tonight, as I was preparing my things, I decided I wanted to have some makeup to make me into a mime, because I was a mime in the very last scene, and I decided it would be a nice touch. So I texted my dad, asking him if we had any in our Halloween stuff. He said no, and asked why. I told him, and left my phone to go do some more prep. A little while later, someone came in and told me my dad was there! I found him holding a small black plastic bag and smiling. I looked inside and it was mime makeup! He even went so far as to get a sponge, a detail brush, and black accent makeup too. I was flabbergasted! This was not exactly cheap makeup, and he completely went above and beyond what I thought I wanted. But this, this was PERFECTION. I cannot begin to tell you how sweet that was. I didn't ask him to do it, I didn't need him to do it, he did it because he loves me. And that made everything better! I'm so glad he was thoughtful enough to do that for me, because the makeup brought the house down! If I hadn't worn it, the scene still would have been funny, but not nearly as funny. So Daddy, if you read this, know that your sweet, selfless gesture helped make the show that much better. I'm going to remember this night with such fond memories, because of the fun time I had, but also because of the love that was shown.
And for the record, being a mime was SO FUN! I loved being as expressive as possible, and I garnered many laughs because of it. Miming allows for extreme goofiness, so I played that up as much as I could! It was so, so fun, and I'm glad Kayana cast me that way. Thank you thank you thank you! It was a way for me to grow and develop as an actress, and even though my face REALLY hurts from all the emoting, it was worth it a thousand times over.
In closing, I just want to express my love for everyone involved. Mr. Helmbold made a comment this evening that was very eye-opening to me. He said he had no part in this. This show was put on because of our hard work. He did not do anything- I'm not saying that in a rude way- we did it all. And it payed off! We now know we are more capable than we think. I'm grateful for that. I learned that the show really must go on, and I also learned that where we fall short, God makes up for it. I know without a doubt that had we not prayed and had faith that we could do this, the show would have flopped big time. Tonight was a true miracle. I'm so blessed to be in this program, I'm blessed to have such great friends, and I'm blessed to have a Heavenly Father who loves me, and without him, I wouldn't be onstage. When I perform, I perform for Him. He gave me these talents, and I intend to use them for the rest of my life! I'm truly humbled that He would give me these gifts.
All in all, it was a night well spent.
All's Faire in Love and War!


p.s. here are some mime pictures.

This turned out creepier than I anticipated.



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