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The Egg And I *UPDATED*

I am a self-proclaimed failure when it comes to kitchen craftiness (unless you count macaroni and other easily boiled pastas), and I often joke about how sad it will be when I get married and my husband finds out I can't cook. But lately, things have started to change. I discovered that I make gnarly deviled eggs, and today, I made another discovery. Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, I present you with...

The Omelet.

Oh my word. This was so good! I have never even attempted anything like this before- seriously guys, boiling eggs makes me nervous, and scrambled eggs make me really nervous. But surprisingly, this wasn't bad. I just needed to keep checking up on how the egg was settling, and then carefully, carefully flip it. I was so proud of myself! This was definitely an achievement. Plus it looks beautiful, if I do say so myself. I put Greek yogurt, dill, and chipotle pepper on top, and after the pictures, I decided to try some lemon pepper- of course. I love me some lemon pepper. It turned out surprisingly tasty! This is definitely something I want to try again. But next time, I think I will add some milk to the egg mixture, as the recipe says. I didn't add the milk simply because we didn't have any. I'm sure milk will lend itself nicely to the dish. I was also thinking of adding some Italian dressing to the mixture as well, for some added color and flavor. We have a couple large flats of eggs (not counting the plethora's in the fridge), so I'm sure I'll get a LOT of practice in the art of omelete-making. It makes me happy, cooking. I love presenting my work to others so they can taste it, and I love it even more when THEY love it. It's a satisfying feeling to know that you make other people's tastebuds  happy. 
It's also comforting to know that I'll eventually be a good enough cook to house a husband and even a few little kids.
I can do this! Long live womanhood!
Since this post, I've been making omelettes nonstop, because I want to perfect my approach, and they've been pretty good. Unfortunately, I've never gotten them to flip very well, until today. It flipped perfectly, and I think the trick is to make sure the egg is evenly spread out on the bottom of the pan. I added some new seasonings to the mixture; namely chipotle pepper IN the mixture, not just on top of the finished product, more salt and pepper, and garlic salt. After the omelette was finished, I put sundried tomatoes in the middle, freshly sliced tomato on the top, a dab of Greek yogurt, Italian seasoning, and, of course, lemon pepper. I like to make things look beautiful, and the color was so rich that I took more pictures. I think this one in particular was my favorite!

It really does look gorgeous, no?



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