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Words with cups, rather than friends.

It's not for lack of friends, because I actually have many marvelous friends. But you see, we have cups with our initials on it, and I realized that you could spell words with the cups. OH MY GOSH.
The first word that came to mind, however, was hags. And the sad thing? That word is created using only the initials from the girls. Coincidence? Yes. My parents would never plan such a thing... Right?
Here are some of the words I've come up with. It's actually really entertaining!

Gad IS a word, right?

Oh well. It's super entertaining! I'm so GLAD that my mom HAD the idea of giving us GALS and LADS different initials. (see what I did there? I used the cup-words! :^O)
**Does that smiley up there look like he has a double chin?**
On another random note...
I've noticed that I've been posting a lot more frequently recently. Pretty obsessively, actually. I'm not sure why it is, but I have this desire to blog about every little thing! Which, I guess, is good for you, my darling readers! Unless you don't check my blog as often as you should. Because if that's the case, you might have missed my prom posts!! NOOO!! Go back and read them. I promise you'll find them stimulating and low in fat.
Yet another random thought: my 500th posting is coming soon, and for some reason I feel that that merits some sort of celebration, be it a video post, a giveaway, or some other exciting thing. Your thoughts? This momentous blogging occasion is about YOU, my readers. Because if I didn't know that someone out there in cyberspace was reading and (hopefully) enjoying this little ol' blog, I would have no reason to post.
At least I assume you read it. I get, like, 1 comment per month. :P
But I digress. Comment and let me know if we should celebrate such a special occasion! (subliminal message in order to garner comments)



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