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The Invite

Ever since the big announcement of Prom, I have been fantasizing up a storm- which is the norm for me. Specifically WHO would ask me. I'm going to be honest here- I really wanted a certain guy to ask me, because he's fun, he's nice, and, yes, I know. He's super cute. And also really popular. So in my mind it was always a nice picture, having him on my arm, and all the girls steaming in jealousy. Yes, I am vain. Don't try to pretend you wouldn't love that to happen too.

So since Prom has been rapidly approaching, I've been trying super hard to not eat as much, because I want to lose weight for Prom. So my mantra has been simply, "prom". I say that, and all of a sudden, I do not want to eat that extra serving of noodles, and I want to work out for fifteen days so I can look the best possible. Don't judge me, okay? I'd like to feel confident while I'm dancing, thank you very much.

Then I had this realization: not only was there no chance in the world that he would actually want to ask ME out, nobody would. I really couldn't think of a boy who would ask me. So I consoled myself with the idea that maybe I could take pictures for people! That would be fun, right? I could take good ones, too. I've got a good eye, and maybe I could even make money off it?? Or I could paint nails!!! I'm good at that, too! Perfect!

Then I decided to stop being hard on myself. Who MIGHT ask me out? Ooh, maybe T! I would LOVE to go with him. That would be so nice. We'd have a great time, I feel totally comfortable around him, and he's such a sweetie. Yeah. I want T to ask me out.

Bad news. Someone told me he might not go to Prom. Great.

Cut to Wednesday. I was in first hour, minding my own business, when a girl walked in with the most adorable thing ever: a tall vase full of gumballs, with flowers coming out of the top and sparkly twirly things, with the letters P R O M ? scattered in the mix. My heart leapt. Was today the day? Was I about to be asked to Prom??? "Is _____ here?" the girl asked. Regrettably, she wasn't. But she eventually got it, and I'm sure she appreciated it immensely.

Cut to today. Between Ballroom and Drama (1st and 2nd hours), I was chatting in the foyer when the minute bell rang. I trotted up the steps to the auditorium only to find the most stunning array of roses on the stage, set up on a charming little table bearing an envelope with the word PROM? Printed on it. My heart leapt once more. Was THIS the day? Was I really, truly being asked to Prom? Then I looked over and saw my homecoming date from last year sitting next to the bouquet, and I decided that I couldn't possibly be asked by him: he already took me to Homecoming, so it would be kind of unfair of him to ask me out again. So I dismissed the idea and reverted to my plan to take pictures. Then I got called up to the front desk. I walked briskly out of the auditorium, and skipped down the steps. "What'd I do?" I said, only half joking. Mrs. Edmunds said "I called your name like three times!" and handed me a paper box with a cutesy little straw coming out of it.

I gave a little squeal and said, "Am I getting asked to PROM?! *squeal and excited little wiggle*" Mrs. Edmunds just shrugged and gave me a look as if to say, "Why do I care? Go to class!" So I did.
I stared at the box throughout the announcements trying to figure out who it could be. I immediately came to a conclusion: it was probably one of my guy friends. Upon closer inspection, I ruled out one of them. He didn't have that kind of style, and the other dude was more apt to have stripey paper straws laying around his house. More his style. Or more his mother's style. Obviously he got some help.
Clever little touch, no? Crossing out the name. Clever boy.
So I waited impatiently through announcements, and as my curiosity and excitement increased, so did the shaking in my hands. Pretty soon I knew I was going either pee, scream, or go insane, so I waited until the lucky girl was called up onstage to receive her invitation, and then I opened mine.
No. Way. WHAT? Was this some sort of joke? There is no way THE BOY I HOPED is actually asking ME, HAELEY WHETTEN to a dance. Not just any dance. Prom. Prom. Prom. PROM, PEOPLE. PROM IS THE BIGGEST FREAKING DANCE IN THE HISTORY OF SCHOOL. Last year he took pretty much the most gorgeous girl in school, which wasn't a shock, and honestly, I can't believe he would want to take someone like me after her. I'm so short, and I have a funky smile, and I wear dorky t-shirts to Ballroom, and, and, I'm short! And I'm not popular. And I'm not any of the girls I totally thought he was going to ask. And I sweat during Ballroom, which makes me feel gross and smelly the rest of the day. Why would he want to go to Prom with that?

I started freaking out, and asked Mr. Helmbold to be excused to go compose myself, because I was about to go into cardiac arrest. So I went out the door.... And saw him. I turned around as fast as humanly possible and ran the other way. I got to the bathroom and called my mom. She answered the phone, and I really began to lose it.
*in a small, squeaky voice* "McKay!!"
"WHAT?!?!?!?!?! OH MY GOSH! THAT IS SO AWESOME!" *laughs*
At this point I was hyperventilating, and in a few minutes I was starting to feel tears form. That's the three stages of being asked to Prom: shaking, hyperventilation, and tearing up.
I called my dad, and I told him the joyous news. Then I calmed down very, very slightly and went back to class.
I realized something scary just then: I have Citizenship with him. What was I supposed to do?! Just play it cool, maybe totally ignore him? Tell him to get lost because I'm trying not to lose my head and that I came up with a genius way to reply to him? No. Ignoring him was my best bet. However, as the fates would have it, he sat right next to me. And smiled that cute smile, and said in an adorably teasing way, "So, did you figure it out??" Since he blasted right through my plan, I flirtaciously replied, "It took me a really long time... Super difficult."*bats eyelashes*  He grinned charismatically and said, "Well, I WAS in disguise..." and then chuckled attractively.
 All through the day, I've felt like this:
I couldn't focus on me Chemistry test, I couldn't wait to get out of Choir, and even now I'm feeling slightly woozy. I've been battling bouts of self-doubt all day, and it will probably continue/get worse up until the day after the dance. That's who I am, and I do not understand it when boys ask me out. I can't imagine them actually wanting to go out with me, but somehow, I've brainwashed them into thinking I'm worth their time, and I'm not complaining, because I love going out on dates! It's super fun!

I still would LOVE to go with T to Mormon Prom. I think that would be way fun. I hope maybe he thinks so too....?

Oh my gosh you guys, I feel like this:
And that's just the half of it!
Look for a post in which I reply soon!!!!!!!!
GUYS I AM GOING TO PROM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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