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The day I discovered my life's calling.

Last night, I dreamt that I went to outer space for a choir field trip, and it was the COOLEST DREAM EVER. I really like being in outer space, apparently. I thought about it periodically throughout the morning, and just as I was pulling in the driveway, still pondering my future as the first ever midget-woman-astronaut, an ice cream truck was making its rounds through the neighborhood. We commented on how irritating the song that played on repeat through the speakers was, and I started to think how ghetto the ice cream trucks that come here seem to be.
That's not the truck we saw, but they pretty much look like that.
Then I thought to myself, why aren't there any CUTE ice cream trucks?

 They always seem cute in the movies. I guess Arizona is just underprivileged.....?
Then it hit me.
Not the ice cream truck, of course. But an IDEA. A FABULOUS idea. I quickly dismissed all thoughts of being an astronaut and focused on what was really a realistic, smart idea.
Just yesterday, as my mom, my sisters and I snuck some healthy/sugar-free ice cream, I decided that the world needed a cute, healthy, sugar-free ice cream parlor, and how I should run it. I of all people know how irritating it is to not be able to have ice cream simply because of the ingredients, and how smart it would be to have an ice cream parlor that was entirely sugar-free AND healthy. No Splenda, no aspartame, no scary sweeteners. Just the pure, good stuff that you can feel confident about eating.
Ice cream is one of my absolute favorite desserts, and I remember the few times in my childhood when the ice cream truck came to our neighborhood, I would always beg my mom for the chance to have some. I even had dreams about ice cream trucks, for heaven's sake! I seriously love ice cream.
So my thought was this:
why not run an ice cream truck? And why not make it something sugar free, healthy, and above all, CLASSY? I don't feel very comfortable about those scary trucks, so I might as well make my own and make it something a mother would be okay with. 
So then I came up with Classy Cream, an innovative, healthy, and fun ice cream truck! You've seen those adorable food trucks, yes?
 Great. So basically it would be set up like a food truck, only with ice cream, and a dash of vintage class that I adore. Add cutesy candy-striper uniforms, business cards, a website, a phone number (to schedule catering events. Duh), and even hours! I don't know about you, but I don't love having the ice cream truck show up only on Sundays, and at such unpredictable times, to boot. I would get rid of that. Plus, as previously mentioned, I would carry only sugar-free things, so you wouldn't have to feel guilty about eating my ice cream all the time! I never really loved the ice cream from ice cream trucks anyway. They always tasted cruddy, and the random gumballs they'd stick in the ice cream pops were NASTY. My approach would be more tasty, naturally. For starters, no gumballs. Also, I would serve the ice cream in cones that I would scoop for them. None of this pre-frozen cone nonsense. I would be the real deal, folks. It'd be an old-fashioned, fabulous treat! Maybe I'd even have specialty items, like sundaes and banana splits.
In regards to having music, I'd probably come up with something cute and not annoying. I'd have to work on that, but isn't it genius?? WAY better than being an astronaut. Although I'd still like to go to space. Maybe I could cater for a space shuttle?



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