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Another Prom post

Guys, I am legitimately freaking out.

I'm sorry you have to hear it so often, because if you text me, that's all I've been talking about. I'm sure it's been a miserable twelve hours for you, hasn't it? Thanks for letting me whine at you. You can skip this post if you want, of course, because it contains more of me freaking out.
But really, I am so scared. I don't know what I am going to do! I feel a bit like Cinderella, going to the ball with a prince, when I'm really just a maid.

Where am I supposed to LOOK?! When we're dancing, of course. I mean, I know I should look at him, but what if he feels awkward when I'm looking at him? What if he doesn't look at me? And I know if he smiles at me while I'm dancing with him I'll lose it and say something stupid. Because that's what happens when cute boys smile at me. My brain disconnects and I start rambling, regardless of if I actually like-like them.

What if I trip on my dress? I don't want to trip on my dress! What if it rips? What if I start sweating and he can feel it? That's sooooooo gross! What if that turns him off? What if he decides to dance with other people more of his caliber? You know, popular?
Why would he choose me? That's what keeps running through my head right now. WHY ME?
Don't get me wrong, I am flattered beyond belief, and so excited, but still. I'm just Haeley.

I'm starting to worry about my house, too. I am going to have to deep clean it before he gets here, even though he's probably only going to see the living room, at most. I can NOT afford to have someone like him in a dirty house. Also, all of my siblings must be clothed. Thing 2 wasn't for one of my dances, and that was AWKWARD and EMBARRASSING. I already know I will embarrass myself without any of their help, so I will not tolerate shirtlessness, even if it is Thing 2, and even if he does have an adorably squishy lil' belly.

Also, what if Thing 1's first tee ball game is the same day?? I've already figured out what's going to happen. I'm going to ask my date if we can stop by to see him for just a few minutes, because I am seriously so excited to see that boy play a real game! I've been waiting his whole life. Literally.

And what about other people being jealous and whatnot? He's pretty much king of the campus, and little old me is going with him. What if I get nasty notes or gossip or something? I don't want anyone to hate me!

Oh my word, does he have any idea what this is doing to me?!

I'm still so excited. And worried. I can't sleep, and I haven't tried out the whole eating thing yet, but it's probably going to be an issue for me.

Oh, and let's not forget pre-dance nerves. Anyone who's been in the car with me before I pick up a date knows I get nervous (Julia, I'm cyber-looking at you), and I don't just mean light butterflies. I'm talking serious, melt-down, I'm-screaming-in-the-car-trying-not-to-throw-up nerves. It gets really bad. Emotions are a physical affair with me, and I'm scared I'll actually throw up while waiting for him.


BUT.... He still chose me. That means that obviously he likes me enough to want to spend an entire evening with the shortest 11th grader in school. He wants to dance with me for the biggest dance in high school. He wants to go on a day date with me. He wants to get adorable/cheesy pictures taken with me. ME.
And I think that little thought is worth all my worry. Because that little thought is awesome.
I'm going to PROM!!!


p.s. I can't stop staring at this in utter disbelief:
My heart and my head say this whenever I read it:
You. Me.
Spazz attack??

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